Tuesday, 29 August 2006

An hour in Amiens

From Paris it was obvious to take a quick stop in Amiens, hosting a huge Gothic Cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I know there's a risk of going overboard with the Cathedrals, but this one has a couple of peculiarities to it, which I would like to show.

One of the prettiest town clocks I've ever seen. The Cathedral is seen in the background.

Inside the cathedral is absolutely huge. Perhaps the highest church ceiling I have ever seen. It is not hard to imagine why coming here hundreds of years ago would be a deeply spiritual experience for people used to tiny little cottages. Coming here for the first must have been absolutely awe inspiring.

This relic is perhaps the most interesting sight in Amiens. What is here is alleged to be nothing short of the frontal skull of John the Baptist, the man who baptised Jesus Christ.

This must be an inspiring pulpit to preach from. Your words must carry a bit of extra weight to the listerners with a backdrop like that.

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