Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Thorsbjerg Mose - main attraction of Sønder Brarup

I have decided to write a little bit about Sønder Brarup, the small German town, where my parents live and where I have spent many months by now. The town is a small local commercial centre which is not too exciting at first sight. The one site in the town holding the most attraction value is probably significant historical sacrifical site of Thorsbjerg Mose (roughly "Mount Thor's Moor")

Thorsbjerg Mose is an old forest moor/swamp, which makes a charming but also somewhat eerie place for a walk. My mother has told me that she doesn't like the place due to it's somewhat gloomy feel, but I really like the dark, shallow waters covered by all sorts of water plants as you can see in the above idyllic scene.

Here Asbjørn and Ole are sitting at the only main bank of the lake in the centre of the moor. I do not know for sure, but one can easily imagine that this could have been the spot where people used to come to throw sacrifices to the Norse Gods (the place takes it's name after the Norse Thunder God Thor) into the muddy, overgrown waters. For an extended period roughly 1500-2000 years ago this was the most significant sacrificial site on the entire peninsula of Angel (from which England takes it's name due to the later emmigration of many locals to the British Isles). In these waters archeologists have found clay pots, tools, clothes, parts from old carts, farming equipment and most of all huge amoutns of weapons and other war material. A couple of times around 400 A.D. armies have sacrificed what appears to be their entire collection of weapons and equipment in what must have been gigantic victory celebrations.

Another beautiful scene from the lush moor.

And just to do Sønder Brarup a little justice: It is possible to find some neighbourhoods with a certain charm. Here a row of well kept houses on Bahnhofstrasse with flowers in front of them, make the town look a bit nicer on this picture than it actually is.

On a final note I would like to point out that the names of "Sønder Brarup" and "Thorsbjerg Mose" are both Danish not Germany names for these two places. My reason for using these names is that this entire area used to be Danish (Untill 1864) and still holds a sizable Danish minority to which my parents belong. So Danish location names are part of an effort to keep Danish culture alive in Northern Germany. If you want to look up these places the German names are "Süderbrarup" and "Thorsberger Moor".

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