Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Summer visit by Asbjørn

My 7 year old nephew Asbjørn needed a little holiday from his parents and his little sister, so he went down to Sønder Brarup to visit his Grandfather, Oma (German for grannie) and his two uncles (because I took the opportunity to visit also). Here are a few pictures of Asbjørn and the rest of the family enjoying the wonderful Danish summer:

The entire family enjoying an outside barbeque dinner. The starter is corn on the cob.

My brother Ole has gotten quite good at playing with his nephew. Asbjørn loved being driven around like a little king.

And he also enjoyed watching his big uncle play his portable Nintendo.

Asbjørn is an energetic boy who loves gardening. So he gladly volunteers (or rather demands) to remove the wheeds from Oma's flower beds.

Asbjørn also enjoys the fruits of the garden. Here he is enjoying a cherry fresh from the tree.

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