Saturday, 1 July 2006

A Summer of Hindi and Football

There are few things more beautiful than a Scandinavian summer, when the sun sets after 23:00 (11 PM) and the landscapes look like an explosion of greenery. So far I have spent almost the entire summer doing only two things: Studying hindi and watching football. Of course the latter has mainly been about the World Cup, where I am currently celebrating Germany's victory over Argentina just a few hours ago. But I also had time to visit a game at the local stadium, which turned out to be a dramatic affair - not so much the game itself but what happened just after it was over:

The game was set between the nearby town of Randers hoping to achieve promotion to the Super League and local team Brabrand hoping to avoid relegation to 2nd division. Randers won the game 2-0 and could thus celebrate their promotion with the many away team supporters. In this picture you see the players spraying their fans with champagne.

I was, however, more interested in the fate of local team Brabrand. At the final whistle their closest rivals LFA (Lolland Falster Alliancen) were one goal up in their match in the other end of the country. LFA only needed a draw to pass the buck of relegation to Brabrand, so everyone assumed that Brabrand had been relegated and the players disappointedly walked into their locker room to digest their fate...

...when suddenly the word came through that LFA miracously had conceded not one but the required TWO goals in overtime in their match and thus that Brabrand had been saved from relegation. So in this picture you see the Brabrand players who came back out to celebrate - after most of them had changed to civilian clothes. Quite a drama but a happy end for all those involved - at least at this stadium.

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