Saturday, 17 June 2006

एज़बेन ऐयाज़्नप

The reason for this mysterious headline is that I have begun studying the script of Devanagari, which is used for writing amongst other languages Hindi. The purpose of this is to able to read signs and perhaps even magasines when I get back to India, but also as a starting point for learning the Hindi language proper.

I figure that specialising myself in India might be a smart move for a later career. As you all know I have been an intern at the Danish Embassy in New Delhi and furthermore my thesis will be on Contemporary Energy Related Indian Foreign Policy. If I could then add Hindi to my CV I should be able to get work for companies, government agencies or NGOs with special interests in India.

And by the way, the above headline is my attempt at transcribing my own name in Hindi. It's not totally simple as Hindi letters and sounds don't match those of Danish completely. My first name was not too tricky with my only problems being whether use s or z and whether to conjunct (combine into one sign) two consonants (I chose not to), but my last name actually spells out aiyaaznap - which pronounced in Hindi would be roughly the same as Agersnap pronounced in Danish.

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