Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Visiting Oman

Al Ain is a border town, so on my trip there it was possible for me to cross into the neighbouring country of Oman for a few hours. Al Ain's twin city in Oman is called Buraimi. It is not filled with tourists attractions, so I settled for visiting just this one omani fort just across the border. Al Kandaq Fort is it's name.

Once again I had a beautiful old fort entirely to myself. I took this picture with my camera's self timer to be able to document that I've been to Oman - the tower in the background is flying the omani flag. Unusually for an arabic flag it consists of red, green and white (not black).

Same fort, seen from the outside. The fort is 400 years old and thus predates anything I saw in the UAE by at least 200 years. If you look back at the pictures of Jahili Fort, you can also see that this one is much more intriately decorated.

As was the case with Al Ain, Buraimi also has an oasis, and also in this case has the fort been situated at this strategic, life sustaining position.

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