Thursday, 18 May 2006

Day trip to the Kiel Canal at Rendsburg

I went on a trip to the Kiel Canal, which allegedly is the world's busiest artificial waterway, beating both the Panama and the Suez Canal in traffic.

In this picture I am standing in Rendsburg where the massive railway bridge you can see in the background crosses the canal, curiously making this one of the world's a major traffic crossings. Note the ship coming in from the right and also the suspension ferry in the background. The two next pictures show these in more detail.

Here the ship "Maersk Rundvik" is passing under the bridge. This huge ship is 154 metres long and 25 metres wide. At this place they play the national anthem of whatever ship passes by. Unfortunately we didn't get the Danish national anthem since Maersk has registered this ship on Malta. By sailing through the Kiel Canal from the German Sea to the Baltic Sea, ships save a long and fairly dangerous trip around Jutland.

The suspension ferry, taking cars, bicyclists and pedestrians across. Originally it was found unnecesarry to build a bridge (I guess it would also have been in the way of the ship traffic). This is supposedly one of only 5 functioning suspension ferries in Europe.

Near Rendsburg a typical South Slesvig landscape. The state has plenty of wetlands and this flower filled meadow is something you see all over.


Ruth said...

Hej hej Esben. This photo has made me decide to come back as a cow and live forever in this meadow.


Esben said...
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