Thursday, 11 May 2006

Aros Museum of Art in Århus

I took a weekend trip to my home city (except right now) of Århus, at the end of which I went with my family to the spectacular Aros Museum of Art.

The view of Århus seen from one of the top floors of Aros. The very modern looking building is the controversial "Prismet" (The Prism) built under much protest by citizens feeling it didn't fit in with the architectural style of the city.

My brother, Ole, inside Aros, in the main atrium. On the right you see the spiral stairs leading up to the top floors.

My family taking a closer look at one of the museum's permanent star attractions. The incredibly life like "Boy".

A close up of Boy's left foot. Notice the amazing detail.

This is a picture of a painting showing a scene from the famous Danish 18th century play "Erasmus Montanus" by Ludvig Holberg. A young boy from a simple peasant family is sent off to University, and comes home with a sense of intellectual superiority certain to lead to trouble. In this scene Rasmus Bjerg (who in Copenhagen has taken the latin name "Erasmus Montanus"), has just managed to convince his mother - crying in the left side of the scene - that she is a rock, using the flawed logical argument: "Mother dear cannot fly. A rock cannot fly. Ergo mother dear is a rock". The angry men of the family demand that Erasmus immediatly reverse the mother's status as a rock.

It wasn't all art and culture. I also found time to go out with some of my old friends for a classical thursday trivia night at one of the local pubs. Afterwards we had a couple of beers and a game of dice. The guy doing the thumbs up I don't know, but the other two are Calle and Troels, fellow Silkeborg-supporters, who I both met in Århus.

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