Wednesday, 5 April 2006


Mirik is a pleasant little town near the India-Nepal border, and it makes for a pleasant one day excursion out of Darjeeling.

As I showed in an earlier post buddhism has a strong presence in this part of India, and it isalso the case in Mirik. One of the main attractions in town is this large, colourful monastery.

As can be seen here the monastery occupies an impressive location at the top of one of Mirik's many hills.

A good way to get up to themonastery is on horseback, which I did. The horses attracted quite a following of young admirerers from the monastery.

Mirik is more than just a monastery though. It also has a nice lake and surrounding forests.

Finally a picture of Mirik by night, taken from a nearby hilltop. It looks more happening than it really is.


Rohit said...
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Rohit said...

Hey ! great pics ... hope u had a great time at Mirik .... and the last one liner was good - looks more happening than it is :)

Esben said...

Hi Rohit, thanks for your greeting. I enjoyed Mirik :)