Thursday, 6 April 2006

The Landscape on the road to Mirik

As I wrote earlier Darjeeling itself was not that pretty, but the surrounding landscape between Darjeeling and Mirik is a different story.

Some old Christian graves overlooking a valley in India's neighbouring country, Nepal.

A not so remarkable picture of me, if not for the fact that was allegedly taken in Nepal. The border is not so strictly guarded in these areas - which also explains the relative ease with which many militant groups move across the many borders of the region.

Darjeeling is world famous for its high quality tea, allegedly the best in the world. Here a tea estate standsontopof the rolling tea hills on a foggy day.

And I also made it into the tea fields. The tea fields here are larger and at a much higher altitude than those we saw in Kumily.

A beautiful Himalayan Valley.

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