Saturday, 15 April 2006

Guwahati - Gateway to the Northeast

I had a chance to spend a few days in Guwahati, which is main hub when travelling anywhere in the Indian Northeast. The city itself is not that charming, but it situated nicely by the gigantic Brahmaputra river, and it is home to a couple of spectacular temples.

This is the city seen from the water front. It doesn't look like much at all, but with a population of almost 1 million people it is in fact the largest city in Assam, and indeed the entire Indian Northeast.

At low tide you can walk straight from the city centre over to a couple of sandy, deserted islands, lying in the river between the two main parts of Guwahati. It is actually a quite idyllic beach attracting many picnickers, but I don't think the river is suited well for swimming, though.

A nice temple in the city lit up by night. It is not particularly famous though, and not one of the spectacular temples mentioned above. Those I will get back to in my next update.

Finally a picture, which will probably only make sense to my younger, Danish visitors. When I saw this sign I thought that Dolph would love this hotel. For those uninformed people, who have no idea what I am talking about, I am referring to a blue, fascist hippopotamus with the catchphrase "Yes, sir", who is a popular comical figure on Danish tv. Wikipedia has more info in english:

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