Saturday, 8 April 2006


I had read in my Lonely Planet that it is possible to cross into the Bhutanese border town of Phuentsholing for a day without a visa. Normally a visa for the small, isolated Himalayan Kingdom cost no less than USD 200 (ca. DKK 1200) per DAY, so I thought this was a chance not to be missed.

I was greeted by this colourful gateway. On the other side there was none of the chaotic mess and dirt that is found in any indian town, including the Indian border town of Jaigon where I spent the night. I was really looking forward to experiencing a little slice of this unique country...

...but the gate was where it all ended. Despite the claims of my 5 month old guide book, the 1-day entry arrangement was abandoned more than 1 year ago. I tried to talk very nicely to the border guards, and they were all very kind and apologetic, but would not let me in. So all I got for my 2-day detour was a little peek into Bhutan. Instead of the planned trip to Bhutan, I went to the National Park of Jaldhapara a little south. More about that in my next update.

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