Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Afternoon Tea at the Burj al Arab

In my previous post I showed a picture of Dubai Hotel Burj al Arab. However, since I have long been fascinated by this hotel, I decided to pay the sum of DKK 350 (AED 220, USD 60) for afternoon tea at the hotel's coffee shop. There is no cheaper way to get into the hotel.

This slightly blurry picture shows me in the colourful lobby of the Burj al Arab. Being a social democrat with something resembling a social conscience it was not without some mixed emotions that I decided to financially support an institution, which more than anything represents extravagant luxury in a world where millions struggle to feed themselves. At the end of the day however, the Burj al Arab is not just a hotel for the rich - it is an aesthetically pleasing work of art. And that is why I had to see it.

This is one of the first things you see after entering the hotel. The escalator from the reception area to the main lobby is surrounded by huge aquariums and a giant fountain with light coloured water. This fountain uses a special technology where the water rays are coloured with light at the molecular level. Thus making at appear as if had been dyed - but then seconds later it changes its colour.

The world's tallest and largest atrium extending to the very top of the hotel. All pictures here were taken in hiding as visitors are not allowed to take pictures. I did it anyway, but often had only one chance to make a shot. It may be hard to sense the dimensions and colours properly in a picture, but standing there looking up, it is an astoundingly beautiful sight.

The actual Afternoon Tea table. First I got a big collection of different mini sandwiches, and then as you see here a huge collection of scones, cakes, pastries and sweets. All in all a full meal which I couldn't even finish. Considering restaurant prices home in Denmark, it was not all in all so expensive for such a fine meal in one of the most amazing buildings in the world.

Finally some pictures of the Burj al Arab from the outside. First seen from the public beach, northeast of the hotel. In this particular picture you can clearly see how the Hotel was made to resemble in profile a sail on traditional Arabic boats.

And here the Burj al Arab lit up at night. It changes its colour throughout the night.


NellieGwynne said...

I'm sure it was well worth the $60. I can't at the moment recall the name of the very posh hotel I went into in Hong Kong. But I walked in as if I owned the place, and used the bathroom~~~complete with a display of expensive perfumes for one's use. Nellie

NellieGwynne said...
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NellieGwynne said...
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Esben said...

Hi Nellie

I know that crashing bathrooms at luxury hotels is a common strategy amongst many backpackers such as myself :o) However it is in no way possible at the Burj al Arab, since no one without a reservation will even make it past the main gate situated about 100 metres away from the artificial island on which the Burj al Arab is situated. Otherwise there would be a constant swarm of casual sightseers.

Habibi said...

Dubai has developed from a small town into an ultra-modern metropolis in the last half century. Dubai is a fantastic city, with a forward-looking outlook. It has successfully modernized and developed an infrastructure that is capable of sustained development in future, but has also managed to retain its traditions.
Burj Al Arab is one of the most famous of Dubai property constructions, which still amazes us with its uniqueness.
I haven't been inside - though we've been offered to have an excursion there by the travel agent ... what was offered : - just to go there and watch whatever you will be allowed to watch, and then have a dinner or tea with some desserts (up to your choice) in one of the numerous restaurants...The price was something around 170-200$ for one, (this doesn't include anything in the bar/restaurant, even tea :) Plus no casual attire at all!!! No jeans or anything like that.... Quite a snobbish attitude for your 200 bucks, isn't it? So i just took a pic. of this hotel passing it by once...