Saturday, 4 March 2006

Trekking in Peryiar

After the relaxing houseboating, we went to the national park Peryiar, also in Kerala. Here it got a bit less relaxing with an early morning trek on the first day there.

A tree in the jungle attacked by a parasitic plant.

A giant squirrel, roughly in the middle of the picture. It can be hard to see exactly how big it is, but consider that this picture was taken with max zoom from about 30 metres down on the ground.

Wild jungle flowers.

After a long walk we reached a lovely viewpoint. Here I am sweating in front of the view down to a nearby valley.

View to the other side. The morning mist still hanging over the valleys nestled in between the hills. You can just see the edge of Peryiar Lake in the left side of the picture.

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Ave said...

Beautiful kerala,..God's own COuntry!