Thursday, 16 March 2006


Mamallapuram is a small coastal city a bit south of Madras (Chennai), famous for a series of elaborate stone carvings and various caves and temples. Here are some photos from the town:

Some of the many carvings and in the background the city's old lighthouse.

The whole complex of temples, caves and carvings are strewn across a fascinating landscape filled with rocks, boulders and little canyons and densely forested. You can see the ruins of a small temple at the top of this hill.

Me in a silly pose by the so-called Butter Ball one of the largest boulders, balancing in a seemingly impossible manner on the downwards slope. Or is it really me holding it back?

Here can be seen a cave, some carvings and some boulders in the same picture. The reliefs are all exceptionally well made, much more than 1000 years ago.

The Shore Temple - the oldest stone temple in all of India. Originally it was constantly being hit by the waves of the ocean, but now a protecting stone dyke helps preserve the ancient temple, but also removing a bit of dramatic effect.

It wasn't all culture. Mamallapuram is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu with anything resembling nightlife, however much the cops try to strike down on it for constant bribes. Here we managed to get into a private birthday party at the smartest new lounge in town. Here Mike is seen dancing with the birthday boy.


Anonymous said...

hi esben, thought i'd see what you've been upto - i forgot your website name though so searched a few key words on google to get there - see if you can work out which one i was !!! the picture of the lighthouse looks very phallic by the way !!!!!! Well hope your well, look forward to reading your blog from after you left us to fend for ourselves. rob

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I happened upon you site and just wanted to say that I quite enjoy reading your travel-stories. I have been to India once, to Delhi, Agra and Calcutta. I see from your pictures that I have to go again and see more of India.
Best wishes

Esben said...

Hi Rob!

I think I narrowed your possible search down to two options. Either the one for "danish indian beach keith goa esben" or the one for "indien girls bedrooms". Just can't find out which one?

(For everyone else's information: I get information on what people searched for when they found me via a search engine. Both of the above are actual searches that someone has used to find my site)

Esben said...

Hello Margret

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the log, I certainly enjoy making it. I think one can never truly be finished seeing India. I have been many places by now, but everywhere I go I just become aware of more places to go and more things to do. I hope some of my posts are giving you some inspiration as to where to go next :o)