Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Houseboat cruise on the backwaters of Kerala

From Fort Cochin we went for a short bus ride down to the vast system of freshwater channels and lakes known as the backwaters. Here we rented a houseboat (Kettu Valam) to take us on an overnight cruise. First I bring some pictures from the boat - soon will be following pictures of the backwaters themselves.

Here our boat is anchored up for the night. It was quite large with a front deck for relaxing, two bedrooms with a toilet/shower each and a kitchen. Renting the whole boat for 24 hours cost us 5.500 rupees (DKK 775, USD 125) split threeways.

My room, complete with double bed, mosqito net, electricity and fan. Quite luxurious accomodation.

Mike trying to work up a tan on the front plateau of the boat. Great for just lying and doing nothing.

Me relaxing by playing a bit of Game Boy on the deck of the boat.

The boat came with a staff of three, including a cook, who made this delicious traditional keralan lunch. Amongst other things there was a kingfish steak and a tiger prawn. Notice also the size of the rice grains. Absolutely huge.

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Susan said...

WOW, what beautiful pictures
That houseboat cruise on waters
of Kerala had to be great

Good Luck on your other adventures and thanks so much for sharing