Sunday, 12 February 2006

Street scenes from Bombay

I didn't devote all of my time in Bombay to the questionable project of getting my foot inside the indian and american film industries. I also had some time to wander the streets with my camera in hand. Here are some pictures of street scenes in Bombay that in one way or another say something about the city:

On the right the landmark Gateway to India and on the left the landmark hotel Taj Mahal Palace. Both have interesting stories behind them tied to India's colonial past. The Gateway to India was meant as a grand entryway for new incomers to India arriving from Britain. It ended up instead being Britain's gateway OUT of India as it was through this gate that the very last british soldiers left India after independance in 1947. The hotel on the left was built by a wealthy Indian as a protest after he was refused admittance to the city's previously best hotel, Watson's Hotel, which had a strict all-white policy. Watson's with it's racist admission policy is now long gone, but the Taj Mahal Palace is thriving.

A religious ceremony of some sort. There wasd lots of chanting going on.

Compared to Delhi, Bombay has more of a real city feel. It is less spread out and more pedestrian friendly. There are plenty of tall buildings as you can see in the background and the former british presence is felt very strongly in the city itself, as here where you can see an old english church.

One of many grand squares that further the sensation of Bombay being a real city as we know them in Europe. Note the classic small Bombay taxis.

Chowpatty Beach in the heart of Mumbai. The water is not good for bathing, but it is a real beach none the less. The locals come here in large numbers in evenings and weekends.

A local street bar serving a drink pressed directly from these large canes. I never sampled it myself, though.

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