Saturday, 18 February 2006

Street kid project

We went to a project which saves kids off the street and gives them a home and education. Really good stuff, and all the kids looked to be doing very well. I added a link to their website (links are in the menu on the right). Check it out and donate a bit online if you like the cause. It seems the money is very well spent.

One of the homes, this one called Victory House. This particular one is for boys age 10 and up. They have other homes for girls and smaller children. The boys are not standing deliberately in line, they are just playing football and waiting to receive the ball.

Rob and Mike playing footie with the kids.

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Rob said...

Just wondered if you had seen they have just started to help Street Children in Goa (the charity is just over a year and a half old). They're always wanting volunteers to help out at their schools etc...