Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Parasailing in Goa

Before I left Goa I had the opportunity to do some parasailing which was a big experience.

Here I am being pulled by a boat on the Arabic Sea.

Close-up of me hanging in the air perhaps 50 metres over sea level. You can see the shoreline in the distant background.

On the way up, waving to the camera.

View down to the boat on the descend.

As a little bonus I enclose a picture from Baga Beach, which was the third we stayed at in Goa and also the most commercialised. As can be seen it is dominated by charter travels. This particular picture shows a guy who is actually fishing at the beach, while people are playing in the water all around him!


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures, their really beautiful, its just like been there.

Thanks for sharing, Susan

Esben said...

Thank you very much Susan. Very happy that you enjoy it :o)