Saturday, 14 January 2006

Visit from home: Rikke & Jacob

After christmas I was lucky enough to have another set of visitors from home. My sister Rikke and her boyfriend Jacob. They arrived on December 27th and stayed with me for 2 weeks - first a couple of days in Delhi and then on a tour of Rajasthan (which is also why I didn't update my weblog in that period).

Along the way on the trip I had a bit of trouble with my nose following the operation (blockage mainly - for the english readers who haven't read about my operation, I had to undergo a slightly traumatic sinus surgery just before christmas). Towards the end of the trip it started getting much better though, and now I'm feeling better and breathing more freely than I have in years. Lovely :^)

Right now I am sitting here writing and exam paper that has to be turned in next week - but it doesn't hurt to think back to the very nice days of travelling in Rajasthan. First I will start with a few pictures from their first days in Delhi though.

Rikke & Jacob in front of the Embassy after the mandatory tour of it.

Exploring the narrow backalleys of Old Delhi. I apologize for the picture being so blurry, but it's more there to give sense of the athmosphere than to show any intricate detail. When you wander about in Old Delhi everything feels a bit like a blur, so the picture should give the right idea.

Going sightseeing after a long flight takes it toll on people. This was in the taxi on their way back. Aren't they cute?

In all fairness - after exposing Rikke & Jacob like that - I'll then include a picture of me in the apartment, not looking very fresh either.

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