Thursday, 26 January 2006

Trip to Rajasthan: Udaipur (The city)

After a beautiful drive from Jodhpur we reached Udaipur, often described as the most Romantic spot on the Indian Subcontinent. Even to many westerners Udaipur might be more familiar than they know - you see, it was the setting of a very large part of the 1983 James Bond movie, Octopussy. Many of the cosy and athmospheric roof top restaurants in Udaipur screen the movie daily, and we did have the pleasure of seeing the slightly idealised version of Udaipur in the movie and comparing it to the real thing, which is not so bad itself. And less dangerous!

It is indeed a wonderful city - especially when seen from the enchanting lake around which the citiy's life revolves. I will however start out with a few pictures from inside the city. Don't worry however, I will shortly get back with pictures from the lake.

The beautiful City Palace seen from our hotel. It is even more beautiful from the lake as you will see in a few days.

Rikke & Jacob eating breakfast at out hotel's rooftop restaurant. In the background you can see the imposing Jagdish Temple. An extraordinary view we had right down to the temple (looks a bit like a star cruiser from "Star Wars". The downside was the quite loud prayers starting at 5.30 in the morning. Especially Rikke and Jacob with their room facing the temple got their sleep disturbed.

This picture has absolutely no aesthetic value whatsoever. It is exclusively here to please my mother who complains that my pictures are too idyllic and don't show the real India. Well here it is: A bit messy, chaotic and all sorts of animals running all over the place (I still think the palaces, beautiful monuments and the wonderful nature is just as real though).

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Ruth said...

Hej hej Esben.
Obviously you need to listen to your mother. She knows best, and she is right about your choices of subjects for pictures.
Must add that ALL your photos are wonderful and interesting.
Stay healthy and keep shooting.