Sunday, 29 January 2006

Trip to Rajasthan: Bundi

Bundi was the last regular town on our itinerary in Rajasthan. It is a somewhat sleepy but charming little town.

In Bundi we stayed at a beautiful old haveli. Havelis are old rajasthani houses with a great central courtyard (where the women could live a life shielded from the general public - rajasthanis were and are very protective of their women), and often they have been converted into unusually charming hotels. Here you have a direct view to Bundi Palace.

Here is a view in broad daylight of Bundi with the palace in the background. Normally I don't believe in physical punishment, but an exception should be made for the man who decided to raise the big concrete tv-antenna on the hill!

A painted mural from Bundi Palace. Look closely at the picture and consider which of the two animals' head it is you see: The elephant's or the the camel's? Not so easy, huh?

Another picture in my recent series of pictures depicting - by my mother's request - a less idyllic side of India. Not that this picture couldn't have been beautiful. It shows one of Rajasthan's amazing and legendary stepwells. A series of steps leading almost endlessly far down to the water sources that once existed there. It sure beats the western style bucket-on-a-rope wells in terms of aesthetic value. What ruins the picture is the incredible amount of garbage and human urin and excrements that are deposited in this stepwell. It is sad that the local population don't preserve their cultural heritage better. But then again - when you are homeless or living in very basic facilities without access to proper sanitation, the aesthetic value of a stepwell is not the most pressing issue on your mind.

Me at the bottom of a different and more well preserved stepwell: The majestic and imposing Queen's Stepwell. A true piece of art.


we saw that... said...

that is beautiful

sushilsingh said...

Bundi is a small town near Kota. Bundi was the capital of Hadoti

region. Bundi is 36 km from Kota is and is one of the unexplored

cities with a rich historical wealth. Once a part of Kota, it was ruled

by the Had Chauhans- an offshoots of the famous Chauhan clan who

ruled Delhi and Ajmer.
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Ruby Holidays said...

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Sanjay Lokapur said...

The painting which has two animals' heads merged in the painting shows Shiva sitting on a bull meeting Lakshmi sitting on an elephant. Shiva has his consort Parvati and son Ganapati also on the bull.