Thursday, 26 January 2006

Republic Day - spotting a President and a King

Today is Republic Day in India, so we went to a huge parade down the old imperial boulevard, Raj Path, leading from the President's palace to the India Gate - a huge arc de triomphe honouring fallen Indian soldiers of WWI. The parade every year celebrates Indian culture and military tradition. It was a pretty great experience - which unfortunately I couldn't document with pictures, because cameras were not allowed. There were tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, missiles, camels, elephants, marching bands, dance troup├ęs, flags, baloons and children with newly received bravery awards. Quite a spectacle. We sat close enough to the section of the main dignitaries to be able to see the President of India and the King of Saudi Arabia, who was the guest of honour for the day. A nice event.

On a different note, I have been reading a book on photography. This has made me realise that an automatic camera like the one I am using will often get light settings wrong. It has also taught me that this can be digitally corrected afterwards, which I have done with the latest picture series. I have also taken the opportunity to clean up a couple of pictures from the blue city of Jodhpur (scroll down to see them). Hopefully they look better now?

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