Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Pictures from work, including christmas lunch

I find it must be time for a few pictures from work. First two pictures from the everyday work at the embassy then three from our recent christmas lunch. It was a very fun and well organized event which all - danes and indians alike - enjoyed. All the Danish traditions were followed - as best possible - with duck, ris a'la mande and "pakkeleg" (the present game - you roll dice to steal presents from each other).

Me at my desk in the archives. I used to have my own office but due to rearrangement of the office space I was archived.

Steffen and Th√łger working very focused at their desk, which can also be seen in the background on the first picture in this series.

My collegue in the archive, Susanna, enjoys a danish snaps (later the snaps would punish her badly for that).

Overview of the terrace on which the lunch was held. Notice the christmas decorations.

Later during the afternoon. Steffen on the left, while I managed to stay slightly more sober - but only because it was the day before my surgery, which I have earlier described in danish.

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