Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Christmas in Khajuraho

For christmas we went to Khajuraho. This is a very famous temple city, which however is a little out of the way. This remoteness is probably what saved it from the wrath of the last great moghul, the very pious Aurangzeb, whose fanatical faith in Islam made him hostile to temples like these. That is because these ancient 1000 year old temples are decorated with series of erotic or downright pornographic carvings (of course when it's more than 200 years old, then it's art and culture ;o)

Me being incredibly zen and ethnic!

In front of one of the major temples in what is known as the western group. Here you can find about 10 mainly large and very well preserved temples. Other nearby groups are not in as good a state, allthough you can find some nice temples outside the western group.

Enjoying the sun in Khajuraho. Delhi was very cold at this point, but in Khajuraho it was pleasant and warm.

Here you can see some examples of the eroctic sculptures which adourn the temples of Khajuraho. Click on the picture for more detail!

And somehow I don't think this scene needs any comment...

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