Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Fun Way to Shop in Hong Kong

Night market in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Whenever we go traveling outside India, Nitoli likes to squeeze in a bit of shopping. After all the selection of merchandise is never exactly the same as home in Delhi and I guess a way of showing some fashion sense is to use (the right) products that are different from the things available in your home area.

It's a bit different with me. I'm not particularly interested in fashion or shopping, at least not the kind of shopping you do in trendy shopping districts and glitzy malls with all the famous and over priced brands. To me these kind of places look the same everywhere in the world, so I don't want to spend too much of my precious vacation time in such places. I do, however, enjoy wandering around more traditional shops and open-air markets that reflect the local culture and lend itself much better to photography than western style shopping malls. Even kitschy souvenir markets can be lots of fun if the products on display are imaginative enough.

Thankfully Hong Kong is home to all thinkable sorts of shopping, so I had good to snoop around and take few pictures especially at the city's many night markets. Here are a few shots showing some of the shopping locations and products I found interesting.

Old man outside his simple store, with traditional Chinese products

One of the products inside the store: Some sort of dried lizard. I have no idea if this is used for medical purposes or simply just used as food

In hindsight I almost regret not buying one of these laughing Buddhas

Nitoli looking at a plastic toilet with flushing sounds - we didn't buy it though

Your classical waving Mao clocks

Vendor selling key rings, jewelry and other knick-knack

Fortune teller stalls like this one are an integral part of Hong Kong markets. In general they seem to be more aimed at locals than tourists