Sunday, 16 May 2010

In the Streets of Hong Kong

Canton Road, Kowloon

We saw plenty of tourist sights in Hong Kong, but as with all great cities a big part of the experience is just walking the streets along with the locals and see the many different cityscapes. As an amateur photographer it's challenging and in some ways interesting to try to catch the essence of the city as opposed to just its tourist sights like temples, palaces and other iconic buildings.

Below are - in no particular order - some shots of various Hong Kong streetscapes, which hopefully do to some extent capture the essence of the Hong Kong the you see it when you walk round in it rather than see it in tourist brochures.

Restaurant open towards the street

Trams still run in the districts of Hong Kong Island

Picture taken from one of the many walkways that keep pedestrian traffic above the motorized traffic. The walkway can also be seen in the right side of the picture

Demonstration against Bank of China

House entrance on the island of Cheung Chau

An excavator hit a water pipe by accident and the operator left the scene

Night time in Hong Kong equals bright neon lights, particularly in Kowloon where this picture was taken

Typical scene from the hilly roads hidden behind the water front of Hong Kong Island. I believe this is from Cotton Tree Drive

This is a common sight in Hong Kong - trees with roots embracing an old stone wall (Apparently so characteristic for Hong Kong that scientific articles are written about it)

(The events in this post took place from 4 April to 11 April 2009)