Saturday, 23 May 2009

Trekking Day 3 (Kakeri Village to Dharamsala)

Old lady and a small Shrine in Kakeri Village

On the second day of trekking we had reached Kakeri Village, which as far as i could tell must have had a few hundred inhabitants. It was a nicer place to stop over than the temple of the previous night and there even was a tiny store where I could get a sugar fix. To my regret we only had a short time to explore the village before it got dark, but we managed to take a small walk around early in the next morning as well.

After breakfast we set off on the last day of trekking. Since Kakeri Village is on a (slightly downwards sloping) plateau fairly high up the mountainside we had a fairly steep walk down to the river from where we could catch a local bus to Dharamshala. By now I was generally pretty tired and my right knee in particular was causing me a lot of trouble, making me realise I am no longer as tough I used to be/though I was. It did not make things better to realise that this path I was in such great difficulty following is the same path the local kids take to school every single day apart from Sunday.

Even so, it was still a good walk through varied landscapes. I was surprised to walk through an area, which looked more like Califpornia than the Himalayas with red clayish ground and fir trees. All in all we had a great trek even though certain particulars could have been a bit better organised. We caught the bus back to Dharamshal, from where I'll show a few pictures in my next post.

Jane enjoys a rest in the high part of Kakeri with a view to the snow topped mountains.

View downhill from the higher part of Kakeri to the lower part. In between there is a nice meadowish grassy patch which is used for grazing

In the village we saw this plant, which is quite unlike anything I've seen before. The seeds look almost like little chicken eggs

Houses of lower Kakeri Village

Some plant lying out to dry. Possibly corn but I'm not sure anymore

A cow peeking out from it's stable, which is just the lower floor of the family house

Young boy on the outskirts of Kakeri

Another Kakeri child

Starting our descent from Kakeri. I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but it is quite steep.

Rocky landscape near the bottom of the descent
School children crossing the river on their way to school

A small girl greets us Indian style

A landscape and vegetation which to me is more reminiscent of California than Himalayas
These flowers were everywhere on the last part of the walk

Close to the main road where we got on the bus, people crossing the river over makeshift bridges and big rocks

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