Sunday, 3 May 2009

Himalaya Trekking (Dharamsala to Guna Devi)

Himalayan landscape

Life in Delhi certainly has it's benefits, but lots of space and fresh air is not amongst them. So I find it essential to once in a while get out to places where there is more room and better air to breathe. Luckily Delhi lies not too far from the greatest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas. So I planned a small trekking trip around the town of Dharamsala in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Nitoli couldn't join me so instead she suggested I should go with two of the interns at the embassy. One got sick, but the other one was up for it. We took a train on Friday night so that we could start our trek fairly early on Saturday.

Below I'm showing pictures from day one where we walked from Dharamsala to the Guna Devi Temple, which turned to be less picturesque than I hoped. Nevertheless it was a good walk with some nice walks, but also going through several tiny villages giving us a glimpse of local life in the Himalayan foothills. We arrived at the temple in good time to setup before sunset so we could enjoy the view for a bit. Usually Himalayan sunset are accompanied by huge clouds suddenly appearing out of nowhere to cover the mountains in a thick mist.

Jane enjoying a view of the Himalayas

Houses of a small Himachali village

Local village girls in colourful sweaters

Heardsman getting wool from his sheep

Look at how clean that water is. Hard to believe when you live next to the super-polluted Yamuna river

Our guide and porters setting up camp for the night

Clouds rolling in over the hills

Jane and a dog on top of the Guna Devi temple after the mist had set in

Trees of the next ridge barely visible in the mist

Bold red/yellow flower standing in sharp contrast to the cool, misty light of the dusk


oreneta said...

I have GOT to go and visit India again. It is so very beautiful.

Thank you for the pictures!

deewane said...

Once again you manage to capture the beauty of the place in your pictures and more so in your words. Kudos to you and may you never stop writing about your travels!

Esben said...


Yes, you have to :) only problem is you can never finish seeing India.


Thanks for your comment. Although my posting frequency has gone down since I started work, I have every intention of keeping on posting here.

nomind said...

Maybe you'd be interested in posting a travel journal with a map and some more photos? It's such an exciting place to visit, such a shame you're not posting more photos! Also check out another trip to the Might Himalayas my friend took - Best of luck to you!

cmun said...

Hi, I'm a Malaysian planning a trip to Dharamsala end of this month. Lovely photos you've got there. Where's a good and short trek to take?

Esben said...

Hi cmun,

I guess by now you have already made it to Dharamshala, so I won't be of much help now. But anyway, I don't know any other treks than the one I went on, so you're probably better off just discussing this with some trek organiser on location. Good luck with it and hope you have a great trip!

Dinesh Thakur said...

Like your post, a good post with beautiful pictures. I posted your blog in Facebook at Dev Bhoomi Himachal Page. Http://

Rahul Koundal said...

Hi Esben !!

Loved your blog, simply superb....Himachal is in my blood, I am born and brought there and now Living in Delhi, same experiences the way you have.

Moreover I love to travel and adventure in my life, some of my post would interest you as well.


Esben said...

Hi Dinesh and Rahul,

Thanks for your very nice comments. Just finished a very nice trip to Sangla Valley, so more posts from Himachal should find their way to my blog at some point in the future.

seo usa said...

Nice blog and all of these pictures are so beautiful and i will definitely visit there, Thanks for sharing these pictures.
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