Thursday, 7 May 2009

Himalayan Day 2 (Guna Devi to Kakeri Village)

Jane walks across a Himalayan meadow

After very cold night near the temple of Guna Devi we got up early for a full day of Trekking over to Kakeri Village. On this day we had the best views of the trip and generally felt a bit further away from civilization. However, we still encountered plenty of locals going aboit their daily life.

It was also by far the toughest day as the walk was extremely tough and reminded me that I'm no longer a teenager. 6-7 years ago this would not have been a big problem, but this day I had to take quite a few small breaks along the way. Distance wise it wasn't too bad - probably 10 or 12 kilometres, but for hardly the entire distance we either walked steeply uphill or downhill. We started by climbing all the way down to an almost dried up river bed, only to climb up the next hillside.

This post will show pictures from the trek of the day with pictures from Kakeri Village following next time.

Colourful red and yellow birds were raising quite a rucus as we watched the sunrise over the hills. I didn't have a decent zoom lens on this trip, but if you enlarge the pic you should be able to see them

Our destination of the day: Kakeri Village as seen (enlarged) from Guna Devi

First part of the day's trek was through thick forest like this one


Forest plant. Awesome colours it has.

Out of the forest to more open landscape yet still plentiful vegetation

A wonderful low-lying area where we had our lunch. A grassy meadow on a small ridge surrounded by a small creek and a couple of tiny crop fields on one side and a dried out river bed on the other

Fields are ploughed the old-fashioned way here. Here are two work-cows

Jane crosses a bridge over the river to a small temple. This was the lowest point we passed and from here it was a pretty tough climb up

A view down to a small village and - on the left side of the picture (click to enlarge) - the temple bridge we had just passed half an hour earlier in the previous picture

On our way back up we passed another foresty area. Here Jane makes her way through via the narrow path

A village on our way. Basically just one small street - if that's what you call what you can see here - with 6 or 7 houses on it

I find that hill people tend to be a bit more reserved than the very curious people you find in the Indian flatlands but we did attract our share of looks. Notice the girl sitting down: She is forming little balls of cow dung with her hands. A completely common activity here

The same village as in the previous two pictures - seen from across the next ridge as we were approaching Kakeri Village, the destination of the day

And another well know location seen from afar. The tiny white patch exactly in the middle of the picture is Guna Devi, the temple from where we started our walk 8-9 hours earlier. Not too shabby of a walk, if I may say so myself

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