Saturday, 18 October 2008

Our Church Wedding

Nitoli putting the wedding ring on my picture (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Finally the time has come to make a post about one of the biggest days of our lives. By now it seems like long ago, but that only makes it all the nice to refresh our memories through this blogpost.

As recurring visitors will know, Nitoli (who also goes by the Christian name of Susanna) and I got married in court in Delhi last year. However, we wanted a church ceremony in front of family and friends and so, on 23 August 2008, we got married once again - this time in Sejs-Svejbæk Church in Denmark.

Since this was technically only a blessing of our marriage, I honestly didn't think the ceremony would impact me very strongly. But I was wrong. It is an extremely powerful moment to see the person you love walk down the aisle while so many people you know and care for are there to share the joy and celebrate with you . Completely contrary to my expectations I got jittery and dizzy and a number of other strange sensations.

The pinnacle of the wedding ceremony (photo: Inoto Kinimi)

Singing the hymns we had chosen for our wedding (photo: Morten Agersnap)

The blessing (photo: Morten Agersnap)

After the ceremony we walked down the aisle and out of the church to what we thought would be cloudy and drizzly weather - the sky had been covered in a thick layer of cloud from the morning and the weather forecast had promised rain, rain and more rain. But the weather gods would have it differently - just as we walked out the door the sun broke through and scattered the clouds to give us a beautiful, blue August sky. Perfect timing!

Down the steps from the altar (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Walking out as a married couple (photo: Inoto Kinimi)

Greeting all our well wishers outside in the rays of the pleasant Danish August sun (photo: Inoto Kinimi)

My beautiful niece Johanne enthusiastically participating in the traditional throwing of rice at the newly-weds (photo: Inoto Kinimi)

In total 74 people came to share this special day with us - making it a relatively large wedding by Danish standards. The guests were a very interesting mix of my family, Nitoli's family, tons of our shared friends from Delhi and a group of my pre-India friends from Århus.

From the church we walked to a close-by event hall, which we had rented for our party. We had stayed up till very late the night before to decorate and lay the table plan, but in the end we were very happy with the outcome. We had gone with a purple theme with lots of balloons to add colour and life to the fairly large hall (and as it turned out, to provide endless entertainment for the kids there).

Opening our presents. I am not sure which present we are opening here, but judging from Nitoli's facial expression it must have been a good one! (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Ladies in red locating their seats

Everyone seated at their dinner tables. At the table to the right is my best man Calle with his then fiancé - now wife - Anne (photo: Inoto Kinimi).

The kids enjoying the balloons in our corner dance floor (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Nitoli and my nephew Asbjørn (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Me giving my speech to Nitoli. I made her cry, so I think it wasn't too bad (photo: Morten Agersnap)

Nitoli and I kissing on our chairs (photo: Morten Agersnap)

All places have their wedding traditions and Denmark is no exception. The picture illustrates two different Danish wedding traditions. Firstly, the guests tap their glasses with their forks we are expected to get up on our chairs and kiss. Secondly, the lipstick on my cheek illustrates the tradition that whenever the bride goes to the bathroom, all the women at the party will sneak up and kiss the groom (and vice versa).

Another tradition is for the bride and groom to dance a wedding waltz )to a specific piece of music) just before midnight. But since we hadn't had any chance to practice we decided to forego this tradition. However, after heavy pressure from some of our guests we let ourselves to be coerced into a different kind of wedding dance: Bollywood. And from then on we partied the rest of the night away! Thanks to all of you who came and helped make this day special for us.

Those Indian moves (photo: Sidsel Kerstine Due)

Nitoli and two of our good friends from Delhi, Mirva and Sidsel, wearing Saris (photo: Emil Rydeng Spanner)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

In the Lake District waiting for the big day

Enjoying the view over Denmark's lake district

The last few days before our big day we spent with Nitoli's family in the serene lake district of Denmark. Of course we were a bit busy with the wedding preparations but we still found some time to show them a bit of the area, including a nice boat area to what we Danes call the "Sky Mountain" (Himmelbjerget). At a meagre height of 147 metres it's really more of a small hillock, but it was long thought to be the highest point in Denmark.

A few pictures from our trip today, and then the next update will be from our wedding!

Nitoli and her family waiting for the boat to the Sky Mountain

The boat arriving to pick us up

The Sky Mountain seen from the lake

View from the top of the hill down at the path leading up. In the begining you walk through forest, but close to the top it's a nice heather-filled landscape.

Nitoli and her mom near the top

A view of the nice green meadows on the other side of the lake

A typical river-side house. This area has become quite a fashionable one, with especially lake and river-side property becoming very expensive.