Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Blue Mosque - Star of Istanbul's Skyline

The Blue Mosque seen from its courtyard

After visiting the Aya Sofia, next on our to-do list was a visit to the Blue Mosque, also known as Sultanahmet Camii. Only about 400 years old it does not hold the same sense of timelessness and history as the Aya Sofia, but with it's 6 tall minarets (something considered proposterous by some as the only other mosque with 6 minarets was the one in Mecca) and beautiful exterior it is the defining feature of Sultanahmet's skyline.

It is the biggest of all Ottoman mosques, and takes it's affectionate nickname from the blue tiles within its interior. Following are a few pictures of the Mosque - next post will look at the rest of Sultanahmet.

Once again I tried to stitch several images together to convey a sense of the central space of the Mosque

The lighting is created mostly by low hanging lamps, meaning that the central space of the Mosque gets dominated by the many strings and wires coming all the way down from the roof.

Nitoli enjoying the experience inside the fenced foreigner section

The Blue Mosque seen from a boat in the sea of Marmara


oreneta said...

That first photo is fantastic!

Ozan said...

sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) is incredible.

It is like a miracle