Friday, 27 June 2008

Springtime in Delhi

Central Park in Connaught Place ready for a celebration.

Springtime, the loveliest time of year in Delhi, has come and gone by now. But since I have neglected to update my blog a bit recently, I'll show a few pictures taken during Delhi spring. The reason why I haven't update much is that my life has changed from that of a student with an excessive amount of free time to that of full time employee of the Indian IT industry. This has not left much time for travel, blogs and photography - but it will get better, I promise. I am adamant that this will not turn into another of those sad ghost blogs frozen in time without any post signalling that it is closing down.

So what makes Delhi Spring so lovely? First and foremost it's the pleasant weather, which is warm, but not hot. But it also signals the beginning of mango season, and the blooming of trees and plants.

This is the fantastic Gulmohar tree, also known as flame of the forest. It is easy to see why as the orange-red colours of this tree's flowers are so intense, that it looks like it is on fire. It is a fantastic when these trees bloom all over Delhi.

Close-ups of the Gulmohar's flowers.

Another flower in bloom. This is from our own cactus plants, which blooms only for one night. So we illuminated it and I played around taking some pictures.

Starting work obviously means that life has changed a lot. This is mainly for the better: It's nice to get a steady income and the job seems interesting and rewarding. I have also gotten a company car and driver, which is nice. However, the sudden lack of freetime is something, which obviously takes a bit of getting used to. But thankfully we have a long holiday coming up, when we are going home to get (re-)married in Denmark.

The road home from work seen from the company car.

Susanna enjoying herself in the back of the car. She doesn't drive with me to work, as she works in the different direction. But sometimes I pick her from some market on the way home.

This picture was taken from the window of the car. Workers in the capital region's IT and cann centre hub, Gurgaon, manually erect these huge advertisment billboards. It's hazardous work, but there is a profit to be made, so some0one will do it. It is India, after all.

In May I went with my new company to its birthday party. This was a great experience, particularly noticing the differences from a Danish company party. Indians are delightfully non-shy about dancing or participating in party games, something which Danes would be very unlikely to do unless that had been drinking heavily. I really like that about Indians and its contagious as I myself find myself less shy in such company. Always a lot of fun.

Some of my collegues on the outdoor dance floor at the company birthday. I wouldn't ordinarily publish any pictures of my collegues, but I don't feel anyone can be properly identified on this picture, so it should be okay.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

A short trip home to Denmark

Runner by a lake in Central Copenhagen

Firstly, apologies for not updating my weblog recently. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary one being that I am now working a full-time job here in India, which gives me less time for my blog. This new job of mine is also the reason why I had to take a short trip home in April - to change my visa to a proper work visa.

Fortunately everything went well with the visa, so I also had time to enjoy a few nice spring days in Copenhagen, which allowed me to see a few friends and even play tourist for a bit. After that I even made it for my brother's birthday party in Sønder Brarup.

One of the things that is always amazing about coming home from India is that you suddenly notice things that seemed completely normal before. I now realise I really like the similar-looking brick houses in the picture below, something you wouldn't see in India:

Row of brick houses in Copenhagen.

Beautiful house façades. Copenhagen actually is a very aesthetically pleasing city.

I met up with my father, who was in Copenhagen for a meeting and together we drove up to Helsingør (Elsinore) to see the famous castle of Kronborg, famous for being the setting for Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

Kronborg Castle on a cloudy day.

An imposing hall inside Kronborg.

A beautiful canopy under which Danish Kings and Queens used to dine.

Kronborg is also famous for its many old tapestries, a few of which are seen here.

An elegant room with ceiling paintings.

Kronborg's small but beautiful chapel, which - as far as I know - is the oldest surviving part of the castle.

Finally, a picture of Kronborg's most famous resident. This is Holger Danske, also known in English as Ogier the Dane. Legend has it, that one day when Denmark is grave danger Holger will awake from his slumber and rise to save the country.