Thursday, 3 April 2008

Hiking to the Viceregal Lodge

Hiking through the forest near Shimla

From Shimla we went for a lovely hike to the Viceregal Lodge, where once the Viceroy of India would spend his summers. We didn't go the straight way, which is paved, but rather took a 10-12 km. detour which took us through the Glen, past Chadwick Falls and up to Summer Hill.

Living in an enormous city like Delhi. it's amazing once in awhile to get away from any human inhabitation and just enjoy unspoiled nature - so it was a really good trip.

The viceregal lodge seen from our hiking route.

On the way out of town you see many colonial-era buildings, many of which, including this one, have been converted into government offices.

Chadwick Falls, nearly dried up since it's been long since the monsoon rains.

We went to the bottom of a canyon near the Glen, with a lovely stream running through it, creating many miniature falls such as this one.

Another idyllic miniature waterfall.

Typical forest scenery at lower altitudes where broad-leaved trees dominate.

As you move higher vegetation gets a bit more more sparse and dominated by pine trees.

Enjoying a well-earned lunch rest at a small village, with a shop serving cold coke and Maggi noodles.

Typical Shimla-landscape.

Finally made it to the Viceregal Lodge, which today hosts the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. It was built in 1888 and had electricity from the very beginning.

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joan said...

That is amazing. I've never seen photos of it before.