Saturday, 3 May 2008

A Colourful Sikh Procession

Mounted Khalsa Warriors leading a procession

As disappointed as we were to miss the Khalsa martial arts games we certainly didn't leave Anandpur Sahib without some great experiences. We were lucky that a special event was happening this year only: A colourful procession commemorating the 300-year anniversary of the 10th living Guru of Sikhism terminating the line of human Gurus, and elevating the some holy Sikh writings to the status of Guru, known as Guru Granth Sahib. In that occasion a copy of the book dating from that very year, 1708, has been touring India accompanied by Sikh warriors. To mark the end of the Hola Mohala festival in Anandpur the book made an appearance and then left the town.

If any Sikhs are reading this I hope I have represented all this correctly.

The custom designed truck carrying the 300-year old holy manuscript causes devoted Sikhs to flock around it.

A young Khalsa struggling to control his horse.

A more calm, but equally decorated horse with its keeper.

Even motorcycles can be heavily decorated.

Even Elephants were part of the procession.

I love the colours scheme these guys are using.

Flag carriers on trucks. I suppose this is probably an honourable assignment.

Trunk to the sky...


traveler one said...

Oh wow!! A wonderful experience I'm sure! Thanks for sharing it with us! So colourful!

Esben said...

Hi Kim

Yes, it was a wonderful experience. I plan to go back next year and then I want to catch the martial arts displays.

I like this! said...

Beautiful blog!