Friday, 26 October 2007

Windy Beach, Slettestrand

Slettestrand, Denmark. This is the beach less than a kilometer from our summer house. It's part of Denmark's west coast of endless white beaches stretches for hundreds of kilometers. It's a great place to feel the elements raging - and to bathe for the few weeks a year, when we have the weather for that. Here a picture taken against the sun on a day of very strong winds with the hazy mist blowing onto land from the salty ocean.

Amazingly, a few brave souls decided to defy the cold, the massive waves and the wind to go bathing. Notice the top of a head sticking up from the wave.

I went to the beach with Ole and Asbjørn. We all opted to stay on dry land. You can see from Ole's hair just how windy it was.

Asbjørn looking for good stones to skim with.

The sandy dunes which typically lie just behind the beach. The slightly glossy look of this picture is not an effect I have consciously added, but rather a result of ocean mist on my lens.

A summer house lying in the heath dune-like landscape close to the beach.

Lastly a night picture of our summer house. It is a cozy little place. Look forward to going back next summer, when Nitoli and I will be having our church wedding in Denmark.

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