Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Hamburg by Night

Since I stayed in Hamburg for a whole day I witnessed the coming of dusk and the transformation of the city from one lit up by the sun to one lit up by artifical human lighting. My last post from Hamburg shows the city by night.

A wonderful dusk view of the city from the other side of Binnenalster.

The same arcade which appeared in the previous post, but here with wonderful lights and reflections in the water.

A restaurant or bar boat permanently anchored to the quay of Binnenalster. Looks cosy.

Rathaus at dusk.

And finally the familiar view of St. Nikolai Church and Rathaus from across the Binnenalster. Notice that this is the exact same scene as in the picture below (top picture in previoust post), only taken about 12 hours later. I like how the differences in light draws one's eyes to completely different parts of the picture, and in general make them look so different. For instance the tower of St. Nikolai Church with it's clear profile against the dusk sky and single light on becomes a much more natural resting place for the eyes, compared to the previous picture where the city hall tower was much more in focus. Also notice how vastly different the window section of the city hall tower look in the two pictures. In the picture below it has a very vertical look, whereas the night lights give that section a much more horizontal feel here. In the left side of the water you see the bar boat which appeared earlier in this post.

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