Sunday, 30 September 2007

Afternoon in Helsinki

After a long time I am back from holidays, now to show my last post from Finland's capital, Helsinki. These pictures are all from the afternoon, after I got back from Suomenlinna.

A look at the visually dominating Helsinki Cathedral. Together with the buildings in front of it, I think it illustrates well the clean and consistent architecture of Helsinki. Simple but beautiful.

Moving closer to the Cathedral it has a stunning location over looking the so called Senate Square, looking not unlike something one would expect to see in St. Petersburg on the other side of the border.

On the southern end of Senate Square the tram runs past the beautiful buildings.

When I started feeling hungry I went to the indoor market Kauppahalli to see what was on display. It's filled with all sorts of Finnish delicacies. Notice the big box of cantarels in hte picture above.
I found a small cafe in the market and wanted to try some Finnish food. A reindeer salad with goat cheese. Quite yummy.

Back out on the street I went up to the Russian (orthodox) church of Helsinki.

Both on the inside and out, this chruch stands in marked contrast to the simplicity and minimalism of Protestant churches. It is heavily decorated and no one saved on the gold paint.

One last church, the popular underground church called Temppeliaukio. It is partially carved into the ground rock.

I end this miniseries from Finland, with a picture of a local lady with an animal act performing on the Esplanade.

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greg said...

Yes Kauppahalli market is great for shopping of fresk produce

They also provuide a good selection of speciality foods
There is also a cafe which serves great snacks and Finnish coffee