Friday, 17 August 2007

A Special Post on a Very Special Day

Today, Nitoli and I are getting married. Surprised? Well, I know I haven't been writing anything about upcoming wedding plans. The thing is there haven't been that much to plan. Although the reason for our marriage is entirely built on love, the particular timing has been determined by practicalities. Thus today we will be entering into a court marriage at a very simple ceremony involving little more than a few signatures on a piece of paper. We'll have a real church wedding in the company of friends and family next summer.

Although we try to make this a simple affair, so it doesn't take anything away from our real wedding next year, it still marks that we are making a life long commitment to each other. This post is dedicated entirely to the amazing journeys we've made together, the many laughs and more than anything the love we have shared for two years and five days. Now we have a whole life time of that, to look forward to.

I went through my picture archive to search only for pictures with both of us in them. You may remember most of the places and events from other posts, but hardly any of these pictures have been on my blog before. That is because Nitoli was too shy to appear on my blog for the first long time we were together. But here we are, sharing two amazing years:

As far as I know the first picture ever taken of the two of us together. This is October 6th 2005 - Nitoli's birthday. We went out to our favourite restaurant in Delhi, Olive, which unfortunately has been closed now. By this time we had been together for less than two months.

Later same night.

At Nitoli's birthday party a few days later. I am stealing a kiss in the corner.

Together in March 2006 for the sunrise on Tiger Hill with Mount Kanchenjunga - third highest peak in the world - in the background.

At Nitoli's old boarding school, Mount Hermon, in Darjeeling. She practically grew up here so it was special for me to get to see it. Our last picture together before I left India for six months. If you're wondering about my pink hair, it is because I was attacked with coloured powder as it is tradition for Diwali.

View from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, when Susanna came to visit me in Europe in the summer of 2006.

Susanna with my whole family in my grandmother's garden.

In Stavanger, Norway, shortly after we had been together for 1 year. This was in August 2006.

On top of magical Pulpit Rock near Stavanger.

Outside Fantoft Stave Church in Norway.

Inside the same, completely wooden church.

At Nitoli's birthday party October 6th 2006. First picture of the two of us together, after my 6 months back in Europe. Taken the day after my return to India.

Blowing together on a windmill toy at a party in the interns' apartment in Vasant Vihar.

In full Indian gear for the wedding of one of Susanna's old friends. October 2006.

Self Portrait from the wedding reception in the evening.

By the mighty stone chariot of Hampi in South India.

In Bangalore with Susanna's sister Elizabeth. This day in late October '06 was the first time I met any of her family members.

Hussainabad, Lucknow. January 2007.

After our paragliding experience in Nepal, March 2007. This is the our whole rookie group.

On Pokhara Lake, Nepal.

Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu.

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, April 2007. With a man with an incredible moustache.

In the pool at a recent event I am yet to blog about here. To the right is our Finnish friend Juho.

So far it has been an absolute blast. She is such a wonderful person to be around and I seriously can't see myself ever growing tired of her company. We have our little arguments, of course, but all in all I am just so amazed at how incredibly strong our relationship still is after two years. It is really better than ever, and I can't wait for the next two years, and the next and the next...


oreneta said...

Oooh how delightful. I hope you all have the very best time together. So glad you shared this with us.

Have so much fun.

Oxhomiya Jeet said...

Oh wow Esben... congratulations! As a regular visitor to your blog, I had figured Nitoli is special to you. It's great that you're hitching up for good! I wish you two love, luck and peace.


traveller one said...

Awww... such lovely news! I wish you all the best and a love that lasts forever.

blog fan said...


This is very sweet.. I am glad you will get to keep a piece of India in your heart, at all times.

All the best to you and Nitoli :):)

Temsurenla said...

Congratulations to you and Oya Ajung!! All the Best! Hope to meet you soon:)


Maria said...

Dear Esben,
congratulations to you and Nitoli!! :-) Lovely to read this!
All the best for now,

(off for KĂžbenhavn on the weekend)

Esben said...

Hi everyone and thanks for your greetings on this happy occasion. As it turned out I did NOT actually get married on friday, but had to wait a few extra days. I will write a post about that shortly.

joan said...

Grand news! Congratulations to you both. What great adventures you are having!

savagepriest said...

good to see you enjoy your life in india

-@neeshu from lucknow

Debraj said...

Congrats for your marriage. I know its already been 5 years. I was browsing through images of MHS on Google and came across a familiar face... looked harder and found it is Susanna. I was confuse when in the begining of the blog you mentioned her name as Nitoli.. but i knew her as Susanna during my school days. Nice to see her here :).