Thursday, 19 July 2007

Delhi by Night: Monsoon Thunder

As a conclusion to my little Delhi-by-night series, I'll show some more recent pictures related to the coming of the monsoon, the annual arrival of the rains. We've been having quite a few glorious storms, such as the one in the picture above. We crawled up on the roof to witness this thunderstorm, which was occurring so far away that we could not hear it, but it was still powerful enough to light up almost the entire sky, and although the whole thing was partially hidden by the clouds, we did also see the occasional lightning bolts rip through the sky. They are not easy to catch on camera though, but on the picture above, there are two lightning bolts to be seen if you look carefully. That picture is more about that special purple light, which the powerful forces of nature can create.

Another lightning bolt caught much closer and thus appearing larger. This one was close to hear and shortly after taking this picture I decided to go inside rather than risk my life taking more pictures.

Yet another scene from the terrace, with two major bolts of lightning simultaneously lighting up the sky.

A picture of the apartment taken from the terrace during a lightning storm. Now doesn't it just look nice and cosy? Susanna has put a lot of effort into getting good lamps with a nice soft light for our apartment - something which is not too easy to come by in India, where most people use either fluorescent lights or bare light bulbs to light up their homes. If you enlarge and look closely you might be able to spot Susanna through the Window.

By the way I have decided that from now on I will use Susanna's sema (tribal) name, Nitoli, which is the one she was given from birth.

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