Saturday, 16 June 2007

Outside Jaisalmer: Barra Bagh and Amar Sagar

You have not visited Jaisalmer if you haven't gone on a camel safari into the Thar Desert. So we did. On the way to meet our camels we stopped for a couple of nice sights.

These are the Barra Bagh Cenotaphs built on a hill side to commemorate the many previous rulers of Jaisalmer. In the background you can see a green patch of land filled with trees. This fertile area used to supply Jaisalmer with most of it's fruits and vegetables.

Lasse and Cathrine exploring one of the largest free standing cenotaphs.

Susanna amongst a forest of pillars.

A peahen running away from me, still at Barra Bagh.

This is the palace of Amar Sagar where the rulers of Jaisalmer used to come in summer to escape the heat of the city. Apart from the part of the wall which has collapsed it looks to be in good condition.

A newly restored Jain Temple, which used to serve the Royal Family.

Two generations seeking shade under a large tree.

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