Friday, 22 June 2007

Last Morning in the Desert

We woke up in the desert and along with the two guys from London who had joined us on this trip I went to the top of the hills to see the sun rise over the Thar.

On top of the world. Yeah okay, bad hair - but I had just gotten up.

View of the camp (using 12x zoom) from the top of the biggest dune. As you can see we were staying under very modest conditions. The cluster of stuff in the left side of the picture was mine and Susanna's "night fortress".

Our two new friends running down the dunes. As you can see they are quite huge (although I have seen much bigger in Morocco).

James running down along a sandy ridge.

On the descent amongst hills and canyons made of sand. I just love the unspoiled patterns in the sand.

A dung beetle after working the entire night has found a good piece of dung, rolled into a ball and is now trying to get it back to it's cave.

Dung beetle footsteps on the top of the dune.

After finally leaving the dunes we rode our camels for another few hours to the village where we were picked up by car. These are some of the desert village kids.


Olivier said...

Hi Esben!

I'm Olivier, from the team. Your blog has been chosen to be our "blog of the month". Could you please write me back? I can't find your e-mail online.


olivier.canada @

Kristin said...

Hi Oliver,

you have very interesting photos on your blog. I've never been to India but agree that it must be a very diverse country. I will definitely browse to your blog more often.
Kristin from Sydney

Esben said...

Hi Kristin

Thank you for your kind words, (although my name is Esben, not Oliver). You're welcome back any time. And do consider going to India, it's an amazing place.