Thursday, 7 June 2007


Bungamati is a charming, little village south of Kathmandu. It sees very few visitors but it is worth coming here for a stroll.

The biggest building in the village, a temple known as Rato Machhendranath Mandir, in the central town square.

One of the city's gates with a stone lion half buried by the new cobble stone pavement. It must have been here for a long time and then been half buried as they relaid the street. Notice also the communist flags on the gate. The maoist presenec is strong many places in Nepal.

Traditional red brick houses by a local water tank.

Susanna by the tank.

A deity in a hidden corner of an old overgrown courtyard.


NellieGwynne said...

Just had another scroll through all your photos. I think they are wonderful and I'm busy scribbling down place names.
You must get fed up with hearing this eager, but you do a wonderful job all round.
It is nice also to see Susanne in the photos...very pretty girl.

Esben said...

Thank you Janet. Appreciate it :o)

Yuddha said...

I'm very happy to see my village, Bungamati.Thanks alot,but the temple you written "krishna mandir" is not the actual name of it.It is the temple of"Rato Machhendranath(God of rain)and call "Rato Machhendranath Mandir".Will you please correct it.

Yuddha said...
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Esben said...

Hi Yuddha,

Sorry, it has taken me so long to respond to you, but now I have made the correction, thanks :)