Friday, 8 June 2007

Back in Kathmandu

Back in Kathmandu, Susanna finally got to see glorious Durbar Square. Here she is.

A little closer. The ferocious Bhairab is in the background.

On one of the palace rooftops colourful flowers have managed to shoot up.

Speaking of flowers. Thousands onf flower garlands are being offered for sale outside one of Durbar Square's active temples.

Flower girl.

Nepali puppets.

Susanna in Kumari Ghar, which means home of Kumari, the living Goddess. Nepal has a strong tradition for living Godesses who come to earth in the body of a little girl. When the girl suffers her first major loss of blood (typically when she starts menstruating) the Goddess leaves her body, and she is then reduced from divinity to being a normal girl. I had the pleasure of seeing Kumari peep out from the window, but since photography is strictly disallowed I cannot show it here. But you can see a picture here.

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