Thursday, 21 June 2007

Night in the Dunes

As I showed last time we arrived in a rare stretch of Thar Sand Dunes to camp there for the night. However, before settling down for the night there was time to play around for a bit.

Susanna enjoys the Dunes. It really is amazing spending a night in such untouched virgin sands without a single footstep prior to our arrival there.

Me and English guy James have fun by rolling down one of the largest dunes we could find.

Lasse and Cathrine with the setting sun behind them.

Sun setting over the Thar Desert.

After sunset our guide cooks for us.

But as the sun sets these little creatures come out to play: Dung beetles. At first they seem innocent enough, but as I learned for myself they bite! And there are tons of them. A nuisance taking a bit of the romance out of the desert experience.

To defend ourselves against the beetles and against the wind carrying plenty of sand with it, we had this little night fortress made. Although we were sceptical at first it kept the wind and beetles out and we actually had an excellent sleep under the stars.

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