Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Old Pokhara Town

After our trip to Devi's Falls and the Bat Cave, we took a stroll through old Pokhara, which is remarkably unaffected by the throngs of tourists staying just a few kilometres away by the lakeside. Old Pokhara is a rustic and charming place, which is exactly what the first travellers found when Pokhara first appeared on the hippie trail many decades ago.

Pokhara looks very different from the Nepali towns further to the west, with painted houses and little porches. This particular house is a small watch shop. The whole place is filled with such small family owned shops. Not a single fancy, Western brand outlets here. Not that there is anything wrong with Western consumerism as such, but still nice to see that there are place that it hasn't gotten to yet, even so close to a tourist hotspot.

Our taxi driver for the day eating in a small local restaurant.

Susanna at another local restaurant, waiting for her momos (Tibetan dumplings).

The basket maker's house.

Old ladies at the front porch. On the small pent roof, they are drying some orange things, that seemed to be a kind of food or snack.

Potter's house.

Local boys.

More local children. Look at the boy to the right. Now, that is a hearty laugh!


joan said...

Love the kids laughing! Fun shot.

Esben said...

Hi Joan! Yeah it was cool. And he just wouldn't stop laughing!

terobau said...

its really cool dude, and the presentation is really cool.
i m from nepal and i like when my country is in internet.
good job dude.

Esben said...

Hi Terobau,

Thanks for the comment. I'm sure I'll go back to Nepal and make even more posts about it.