Monday, 21 May 2007

Kathmandu to Pokhara

After Susanna joined me in Kathmandu we could finally leave the valley and head westwards for the town of Pokhara. The way there was quite scenic and here are a few pictures to illustrate that (I cheated a bit with the chronology - these pictures cover the return trip also)

A small farm, lush with crops.

A small house on a big terraced hill side.

A huge suspension bridge crosses a river.

A guy crossing same bridge, seen from a different angle.

Hill tops disappearing in mist. But lovely lush area.

Three young girls walking with grass. It looks like walking bushes.

A very fitting picture taken from inside our bus. "Good luck" is indeed what you need when travelling on Nepal's roads. I also wanted to include a picture of Susanna sleeping in the bus, but she vetoed it.

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