Thursday, 12 April 2007

Video Bats

In my last post I showed some pictures of the amazing giant fruit bats I encountered in Madras. As a small supplement, here is a little video clip I took. The quality of the clip is not great, but a great scene nonetheless. These creatures have wingspans of up to 150 centimetres (5 feet). They are amazing. Have a look by clicking the video, please.


Stephen Cleary said...

I truely enjoy your blog. The photos are amazing.

I went to the North East because I had a desire to travel. My mom grew up in Shillong (along with her sister Joan from Walk This Way).

That's the coles notes version of why I ended up in the North East.

Good luck on the thesis.

Stephen Cleary

Esben said...

Ah I did suspect there was some Joan link there! Anyway, thanks so much for the visit, and let me know if you make it back to India some time.