Monday, 30 April 2007


After my "pilgrimage" to Tirumala I went to a somewhat more worldly place. The new IT-boomtown of India, Hyderabad, also known these days as Cyberabad.

One of Hyderabad's landmarks, a giant statue of Buddha, stands beautifully lit in Hussein Nagar (Lake). 8 people died and the statue sunk to the bottom of the lake when the boat originally intended to bring the statue to it's place sank. It ws later retrieved and put in place.

All this modernity hype aside, I stayed in the old town and did not see much of the IT-city. And Hyderabad does have a rich history as seat of one of South India's richest and most powerful Kingdoms. Unusually for a place so far south in India it was ruled by a Muslim Dynasty. On the picture above you see one of the main monuments of that time, and Hyderabad undisputed landmark number one: The Char Minar. It is a womderful gateway combined with a mosque, commemorating the eradication of a plague.

Here is a closer look at Char Minar giving perhaps a better sense of the size and impressiveness of it. Ordinary people can gain access to the wonderful view from the top for 5 rupees (100 for foreigners).

I paid the 100 rupees to go to the top and despite the nice view over the whole city this was my favourite thing to look at. Little yellow and black auto rickshaws looking like an army of little beetles or ants. As far as I could count there are 76 rickshaws in the picture.

Hyderabad is not a very tourist orientated city, but amongst it's attractions is a better than average zoo. I'm not too keen on taking pictures of animals in captivity, but this one I couldn't stand for. A life size Tyrannosaurus Rex in a simulated jurassic landscape.

In the middle of Hyderabad I saw the nicest cow stables I have yet seen. Decorated with large colourful wall paintings of Krishna, who in Hindu mythology is intrinsically connected to the cow.

With an IT-boom comes money and with money comes the desire to spend it on ever new experiences. So theme restaurants have become all the rave this year and I decided to try one of them out. This is Restaurant Gufaa, which as you can see, sports an African Jungle Cave theme.

The funniest part of the Gufaa experience is that all the waiters are dressed in Safari costumes. Priceless (although the food was quite expensive too).


Rama Mohan said...

Nice post...Interesting

Esben said...

Thank you :o)

Biligiri Ranga said...


I am doing an article on 'Expats in Hyderabad' .

saw your blog and read that u are in Hyderabad, India

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B.D. said...

I spent several days in Hyderabad in early 2005. Didn't like it; no redeeming qualities that I could find-just a large, polluted urban area with a smattering of unkept historical sites, littered parks, etc. That said, if one is in the mood, there is charm to be found. The Secunderabad market area was colorful and cluttered in a fascinating way.

Prashanth said...


It is very kind of Mr.Esben to give so much of interesting information about Hyderabad. I thank him for that.
However, I have been living in Hyderabad for the last 4 years and I can only say that it comprises of pollution, dirt, ill-mannered people, mad traffic, uncultured motorists, lazy policemen, bad food, an adda for all kind of diseases and so on,the list of negative things is endless.


Som The Great said...

Nothing is Bad about Hyderabad...It has Cultural combination of Urdu and Telengana union. Well Goods and bads are everywhere in this world.......and if we are interested in bads we will be attracted to them understand a City we should get in details about its culture and heritage.....I have been here since 1 and half years....I found it to be a really good place...fantastic indeed. Charminaar, Golkunda Fort, NTR garden, Lumbini Park, Hussain Sagar, Filmi Nagar, The beautiful Zoo , Mount Opera , The world's Biggest Film City - Ramoji Film City, Hi tech City and countless great experiences which the people here have proved that where there is a will there is a how can i say Hyderabad is bad. Well challenges are always there for every part of the world to deal with........Hyderabad is great and will upcome everything that it lacks. I am Bengali by Mother Tongue , but more over I am an Indian.