Saturday, 3 March 2007

Around the Fair Ground

After our meeting with the fantastic Naga Sadhus we took a couple of hours to walk around the fair ground. A few pictures of that:

Sadhu with drum.

Sadhu with drum's float.

A Guru with funky sun glasses.

Another Guru on a big silver throne on top of another float.

Some of the friends that we went with. Apart from Susanna it is (from left to right) Kristian from Denmark, Vivien and Elodie from France and Sophie from England.

This picture is taken against the sunlight, so it's not the best quality. However I feel once again it would be nice to give an idea of just how many people are actually there. 20 million are many people but I don't know how many of them exactly I managed to capture in this picture.

Traffic at the main street leading to and from the fair ground. It may look very crowded and chaotic, which it is, but at least people are fairly disciplined at holding to the left.

Girl selling plastic flowers.

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